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01 40 20 95 40
1, rue de Châteaudun
75009 PARIS
Pierre-Marie Bernard Paris 9 Bijoutier Paris 9 Joaillier Paris 9

Jewellery craftsman in the heart of Paris

Pierre-Marie Bernard is an expert jeweller in the 9th arrondissement of Paris and is the craftsman of custom-made jewellery.

All our jewellery is made in our workshop in Paris. We also take care of the repair, transformation and restoration of jewellery from all periods.

Our work is authentic, in accordance with the traditional know-how of the jewellery industry. We carry out expert appraisals of jewellery on request.

A real know-how in the heart of Paris 

Pierre-Marie Bernard has been a jeweller since 1979 and opened his workshop in 1987. Passionate about the transmission of gesture, he teaches in a prestigious jewellery school.
Laura, from the family of a famous Swiss jeweller, leads the production. A student of Pierre-Marie Bernard since 2013, she has acquired a solid background in jewellery, where traditional and avant-garde techniques complement each other.